Infinite imagination of jigsaw puzzle

After more than 200 years of development, today's puzzle has already had a standard, but on the other hand, it has unlimited imagination.

In terms of theme, it focuses on natural scenery, buildings and some scenes. There was a statistical data before that said that the two most common patterns of jigsaw puzzle were castle and mountain. However, as long as you want, any pattern can be used to make puzzles, including your own photos. In terms of theme selection, puzzles are infinite.

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In order to facilitate production, after large-scale industrial production, the jigsaw puzzle gradually formed relatively fixed specifications, such as 300 pieces, 500 pieces, 750 pieces and 1000 pieces, and even more than 20000 pieces per set.The size depends on this. The mainstream 1000 piece set is about 38 × 27 (cm), a total of 1026 pieces, and a set of 500 pieces is 27 × 19 (cm), 513 pieces in total. Of course, this size is not fixed. If you want, you can make the puzzle into a round or irregular shape. You can also make a set of three or five pieces.In other words, the space of jigsaw puzzle in terms of specifications and dimensions is also infinite.

In terms of structure, plane puzzles are the mainstream, even once the only one, but complex 3D puzzles always have fixed players.Generally speaking, the 3D puzzle is made of wood or plastic, and the assembly is very difficult. This also makes the puzzle with infinite imagination.

This infinite possibility also allows more market segments for the puzzle. For example, we are very familiar with the children's puzzle market. The high demand for attention in the puzzle is obviously conducive to children's focus. Corporate gift puzzles are also very common, but such puzzles should not be complex, and the simpler the better, because few people spend a lot of time to put together a puzzle for corporate advertising. As for adult jigsaw puzzles, in addition to common scenes and character jigsaw puzzles, there are also many personalized jigsaw puzzles, such as personal photos and wedding photos.

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Post time: Nov-22-2022