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This small and cute rhinoceros 3D puzzle is very suitable for both puzzle toy and desk decoration. Its made out of recyclable corrugated board.All the pieces are pre-cut on the puzzle sheets so no need any tools or glue to build it. Assembly instructions are included inside the package.Kids will have fun assembling it and can use it as a storage box for pens after that.The model size after assembled is approximately 19cm(L)*8cm(W)*13cm(H).It will be packed in 2 flat puzzle sheets in size 28*19cm.

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Rhinoceroses are some of the largest remaining megafauna: all weigh at least one tonne in adulthood. They have a herbivorous diet, small brains (400–600 g) for mammals of their size, one or two horns, and a thick (1.5–5 cm), protective skin.You can see there are two horns on the front of this puzzle as a distingushing feature to recognize it.
This item can improve kids hands on ability and stimulate their interest in animals.The puzzle flat sheets are made out of non-toxic and eco-friendly corrugated board without printing, the pieces are cut well so there are no burrs on the edges. It’s safe for kids to assemble.After assembly, you can also draw some patterns on it to make it more unique.
PS: This item is made out of paper material, please avoid putting it in a damp place. Otherwise, it is easy to deform or damage.

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Original/White/As customers’ requirement


Corrugated board


DIY Puzzle & Home Decoration

Assembled Size

19*8*13cm (Customized size acceptable)

Puzzle sheets





Design Concept

  • Rhino shaped desktop storage box+mini pen box. Inspired by rhinoceros, the designer cartoonizes this animal and uses 12 pieces to form it into a pen holder. It's a good gift for children's diy assembly.
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Easy To Assemble

Easy To Assemble

Train cerebral

Train Cerebral

No Glue Requred

No Glue Required

No Scissors Required

No Scissors Required

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High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper

High strength corrugated cardboard, corrugated lines parallel to each other, support each other, forming a triangular structure, can withstand considerable pressure, and elastic, durable, not easy to deform.

High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper

Cardboard Art

Using high quality recycled corrugated paper, digitally cutting cardboard, splicing display, vivid animal shape

High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper (1)
High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper (2)
High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper (3)

Packaging Type

The types available to customers are Opp bag, box, shrink film.

Support customization. Your style packaging

shrink film

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