The Flying Eagle 3D Cardboard Puzzle Wall Decoration CS176

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Eagles are large, powerfully-built birds of prey, with heavy heads and beaks.Because of its ferocity and spectacular flight, it has been regarded as a symbol of bravery, power, freedom and independence by many tribes and countries since ancient times.So we designed this model.There’s a hole on the back side for wall hanging, you can hang it in living room or anywhere you want to show its bold and powerful image. The model size after assembled is approximately 83cm(L)*15cm(W)*50cm(H).It’s made out of recyclable corrugated board and will be packed in 6 flat puzzle sheets.

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3D Cardboard Flying Eagle Puzzle-The puzzle is focused on manual skills, perception and the joy of creation on one's own. It is good for intelligence development, cultivate children's Hands-on Ability, and develop their imaginations. After fixing all the pieces together, a beautiful sculpture of a flying eagle with expanded wings is created.
If you have any new ideas of making other paper animal models, please feel free to contact us and tell us your requirement.We accept OEM/ODM orders. Puzzle shapes, colors, sizes and packing can all be customized.

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Original/White/As customers’ requirement


Corrugated board


DIY Puzzle & Home Decoration

Assembled Size

83*15*50cm (Customized size acceptable)

Puzzle sheets





Design Concept

  • The designer refers to the image of the real eagle to design this 3D cardboard puzzle, a giant model with mighty and wide wings. After assembly, the spread size can reach 83cm. After assembly, the finished model can be used as an indoor decoration and catch the attention of visitors.
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Easy To Assemble

Easy To Assemble

Train cerebral

Train Cerebral

No Glue Requred

No Glue Required

No Scissors Required

No Scissors Required


High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper

High strength corrugated cardboard, corrugated lines parallel to each other, support each other, forming a triangular structure, can withstand considerable pressure, and elastic, durable, not easy to deform.

High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper

Cardboard Art

Using high quality recycled corrugated paper, digitally cutting cardboard, splicing display, vivid animal shape

High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper (1)
High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper (2)
High Quality Recycled Corrugated Paper (3)

Packaging Type

The types available to customers are Opp bag, box, shrink film.

Support customization. Your style packaging

shrink film

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